Frequently Asked Questions

How does TaxSnaps work?

Use our iPhone or Android app to capture and record your expenses when you incur them. Rather than storing the documentation on your phone, the documentation is stored online (in the cloud). When you require an expense report, simply log in to your online account via our website, select the date range and download an Excel or PDF expense report. Use this summarised expense report for your monthly employer credit card reconciliation, business expense reimbursements or to assist you with your Income Tax return or GST return (if you are self employed). Please ensure the photos you take of your tax invoices/receipts via our app are focused and legible. If you have made an online purchase, the PDF invoices or receipts can be recorded by taking a screen shot or by logging in to your account on our website and creating the expense.

What are the advantages of uploading my TaxSnaps data to the cloud?

Uploading to the cloud offers many advantages. One of the main advantages is going paperless. TaxSnaps enables paperless expense reporting via the cloud. Securely store your tax invoices and receipts online and view them wherever there is internet access. Take care of your expense reports as soon as you need them. Whenever you need to keep a record of an expense, just open the TaxSnaps app, snap the receipt, log your key details and you’re done. If you lose your phone or your laptop then the documentation of your purchases can still be viewed and retrieved when you need it. Paper documents can get lost, can fade and can take up excess space!

I'm an employee who has incurred expenses on behalf of my employer, will TaxSnaps be suitable for me?

Absolutely! You can use TaxSnaps to record your expenses and generate summarised reports. Easily prepare monthly credit card expense reports for your employer. You can also use TaxSnaps to submit expense claims for reimbursement.

I'm self employed, would TaxSnaps be suitable for me?

Yes! TaxSnaps has been designed so that organisations and individuals from any industry can benefit from better expense recording and reporting. It is ideally suited for organisations that issue staff credit cards or those individuals that do not currently use any expense or accounting software. You could be anything from a Builder to a Landscaper, Sales Rep to a Real Estate Agent, Dietician to a Physiotherapist, Truck Driver to a Personal Trainer, Model to a Photographer, Artist to a Journalist, Musician to a Magician – or anything in between!

What do I get with the 30 day free trial?

The 30 day free trial gives you full access to TaxSnaps so you can experience the convenience and practicality on offer. This includes free download of our iPhone or Android app, unlimited document uploads, unlimited document storage and unlimited expense report downloads. There is no obligation to continue with TaxSnaps after the 30 days. A credit card is only required once you choose to subscribe to a paid subscription.

How secure is my data?

Your data is very secure. We have SSL data encryption and utilise secure Microsoft Azure servers. Your data is also remotely backed up on a daily basis.

Does the IRD accept electronic copies of documents?

Yes, if the Inland Revenue Department request documentation from you, (e.g. if they require copies of tax invoices/receipts for purchases you have made) then they will accept electronic copies of documents which are an unmodified, true and clear reproduction of the original documents. The IRD require you to keep all your business records in English and for at least 7 years. This includes any purchase of assets or expenses that you claim a deduction for.

Is TaxSnaps IRD approved to store my documents?

Yes, TaxSnaps is approved by the Inland Revenue Department to store your records.

How much does it cost?

TaxSnaps is a cost effective solution for a wide range of individuals, companies and organisations. A per user Individual Account subscription of just $5 a month or $49 a year is direct debited from your credit card once you decide to sign up. Companies and organisations with 5+ users can subscribe for just $4 per user per month (please contact us to activate this). Companies and organisations can create an Administrator Account to have access to the Admin Portal at $39 per month. This enables easy inviting, linking, viewing and analysing of  staff credit card spend or expenses requiring reimbursement. All these prices are inclusive of GST.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. Your paid subscription runs on a rolling contract. If you choose to permanently cancel, please login via our website and click on ‘Cancel Subscription’.

Are there any hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs when joining TaxSnaps. That means no setup fees, credit card fees or fixed term contracts. Just a desirable software at an affordable price!

How is TaxSnaps different from other expense report providers?

TaxSnaps is New Zealand owned and operated specifically for New Zealand tax residents. We are officially IRD approved for cloud document storage. TaxSnaps is targeted at individuals, companies and organisations who require a simple but effective cloud based solution for capturing and storing expense documentation. Find out more to see if TaxSnaps is right for you.

When should I be ticking yes to the GST box when uploading an expense?

If you are GST registered and the expense you are uploading includes GST, then tick yes to the GST box. This automatically separates out the GST included in the purchase. If you are not registered for GST, then do not separate out the GST. This is because you can claim the full GST inclusive amount (the total purchase price) as a deduction in your Income Tax return.

Why does the expense report say 'Queued' when it is created?

When our servers receive your report request it becomes ‘Queued’ as your report is being generated. Depending on the size of the report it may take a few seconds or a few minutes to prepare. Once the report is complete, the status changes to show ‘Ready’ and you will automatically be notified by email.

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