How It Works

Snap Receipts

First open the TaxSnaps app, then take a photo of your receipt, automatic GST calculations and add key details.

TaxSnaps expense tracker takes care of all your expense tracking, reporting and receipt storage. Monthly credit card expense reports become a breeze. No more filing receipts in a shoe box, no more searching for your receipt in the glove box, no more faded receipts! Just open the app, take a photo of the receipt, choose your expense category, log your key information and you’re finished. The TaxSnaps app automatically calculates GST if you are GST registered. If you are not GST registered, simply leave the GST feature switched off. For PDF expense uploads, simply log in to your account via our website to create the expense.

Saved to Cloud – Unlimited Storage

Your business receipts are automatically uploaded to TaxSnaps’ secure servers. Unlimited storage and IRD approved.

Go paperless. Once you have uploaded and logged your receipt in the TaxSnaps receipt tracker app, TaxSnaps securely stores your receipts and business expense details. Free up physical office filing space and eliminate costs associated with offsite document storage. There is no need to purchase additional iCloud storage or use Dropbox, Google Drive and SD Cards. With the TaxSnaps app you have access to unlimited storage for your business receipts, which you can access from anywhere, anytime. It’s safe and secure storage for your business expenses and Inland Revenue Department (IRD) approved. Therefore you can confidently get rid of your filing system for receipts and trust TaxSnaps to hold your expense documentation safe and secure in the Cloud.

Automated Expense Reporting

Easily create and share Excel or PDF expense reports via our website for monthly credit card spend or to assist with GST and Income Tax returns.

TaxSnaps expense tracking software makes recording and reporting of expenses a breeze. Choose your input dates and quickly generate Excel or PDF reports showing your expenses summarised by expense category and corresponding receipts attached in chronological order. Categories enable easy sorting and viewing of your expense details. You can easily share your expense reports with your employer or accountant. Our unique sharing feature ensures security and eliminates the need to email large files with photos of receipts.

Access Anywhere

With TaxSnaps you can upload receipts and access your expense reports via our website anywhere, on any device. All you need is wifi or mobile data available.

Your expense reports go wherever you do. Therefore you can snap your business receipts on the road, in store and at the café. Run reports while you’re travelling around the country. TaxSnaps enables you to access your business expense reports from any device, in any location, at anytime once you login to our website. It really is that easy.